Take the Tour

Have a look around, both inside and out​

  1. The Pool from the Garden
  2. The Garden Room and Sun Terrace
  3. Inside the Garden Room
  4. South-facing Terrace
  5. Courtyard
  6. The house from the pool
  7. The fish pond
  8. Pool and Loggia
  9. Feral Cats
  10. The Barbeque
  11. From the Courtyard to the Garden Room
  12. From the Garden Room to the Pool

Explore the Garden
(Click on any picture to see more)

  1. Lounge
  2. Bedroom 1
  3. Bedroom 2
  4. Bedroom 3
  5. Bedroom 4
  6. En-suite Bathroom
  7. Shower Room
  8. Kitchen
  9. Hallway

Explore the House
​(Click on any picture to see more)

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